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IT Security

Working with leading industry security specialists
Newfox IT > IT Security

Safe, secure and running smoothly


As threats to your IT systems constantly evolve, staying ahead of the curve is the best way to protect your business. Newfox work with leading industry security specialists to minimize the risk to our clients. Whatever your requirements, Newfox will help you identify any potential vulnerabilities and protect your business’ defences.


Safe and secure IT system


Ensuring your IT systems are secure from potential threats can be a complex task to the uninitiated. Newfox have the specialist skills, time and resources on tap. Whatever vendor solution you select. The installation and impact to your business are the key markers.

Common problems may include:


  • Lack of internal resources to manage IT security.
  • The knowhow on managing malicious attacks.
  • Processes and regulations to mitigate employee risk to data.
  • An ever changing threat landscape.


Newfox has a wealth of specialist experience in providing secure IT infrastructures for businesses. We clearly understand that IT security is a vital component to the overall success of your business.


How your business can benefit


So what are the benefits of an IT Security solution? Newfox’s services can help businesses to achieve the following:


  • Supplement internal capabilities with a dedicated IT support team ready to step in whenever you require
  • Avoid in-house hardware maintenance with our fully hosted service
  • Stay at the cutting edge of IT security without any effort. We manage all software upgrades, threat databases and other evolving issues on your behalf
  • Expand your IT security with the natural growth of your business. All of our solutions are fully scalable
  • Allow your workforce to benefit from safe, secure and risk-free remote working whatever their device or location
  • Easier budgeting and administration with predictable monthly costs; no need to hire expensive contract staff


IT security can be broken down into various categories, each with their challenges. At Newfox IT, we can provide you with a layered approach to your IT security that will cover all your requirements, and ensuring you are protected against potential threats.


Email security for businesses


Ensuring your email servers are always accessible, and making sure they are safe from damaging threats is paramount to the everyday working of such a crucial business tool. We offer hosted of on-site email services, high quality filtering and complete archive backup services. If you do experience any failures with your email platforms or servers, we also provide an emergency webmail service to ensure your business doesn’t suffer. Protect your email operations with Newfox E-mail Protect service.


Network security for businesses


On-site or remote network access can have hidden dangers, so we secure all your business traffic with a multi-tiered multi-vendor approach. Utilising VPN, encryption typically via WatchGuard, Citrix and Cisco we mitigate the risks to your business.


Cloud security for business


Is your data transfer between your employees, servers and cloud applications secure and free from threats? If you are concerned about this or the physical security of your own server, Cloud-Delivery from Newfox gives you a dedicated, secure server in a UK based Tier 1 Data Centre. All the functionality without the need to install and configure and maintain your own physical servers.


Business continuity


Sometimes, we can’t predict what will happen to your business. We can ensure that you have a recovery plan, so that in the event of a disaster your business is fully protected. Our hosted solutions remove the risk associated with a traditional on premise server solution. Newfox Backup and Disaster Recovery Services are simple and designed to protect your business.


Mobile device management


Your company data could be compromised by the huge range of mobile devices that people use today. Do you know which mobile devices hold your company email? whose BYOD’s are storing your company data?

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