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Cloud Telephony

Internet-based voice and data communication systems
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More and more organisations are opting for virtualised services running in the cloud because of:


  • Significantly reduced overheads
  • Eliminated vendor tie-ins
  • The ability for staff to communicate and work more efficiently wherever they are, and through whichever device they prefer


Cloud is an Internet-based voice and data communication where telecommunications applications, switching and storage are hosted by a third-party and accessed via the Internet.


You’ll only pay for services or applications you use you’ll have a cost-effective, reliable and secure communications environment.


Newfox can implement your cloud communications as a platform for:


  • Voice
  • Data
  • Video


Most hosted services have been built around voice and are usually referred to as hosted VoIP. Our cloud communications environment serves as a platform upon which all these modes can seamlessly work, as well as integrate.


  • Substantial savings over traditional telephony
  • Call routing and handling can be configured in seconds
  • Business Continuity strategy implemented at the touch of a button
  • Capacity can be added or removed quickly when required
  • Home workers enjoy the same call benefits as office workers
  • Excellent call quality
  • Highly resilient VoIP service
  • Access the cloud from any device they choose
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