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Business Continuity

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Business ContinuityDR-Planning

What would you and your business do? Can you recover your business systems and databases quickly? What would you recover them to and how would people access these systems if the office was simply ‘not there’? The team at Newfox have been working in this sector for more than 25 years, we’ve got you covered.
The rise in dependence on information technology and business critical data has also increased the risk posed by potential unforeseen threats.
Business Continuity is defined as the steps an organisation takes to operate during and after an event that is detrimental to the running of their business.
There are a huge number of perils that can negatively impact a business. On top of natural threats, the menace posed by criminals and malicious hackers has never been greater. Business managers must seriously consider risks, such as:


  • Natural disasters
  • Human Error
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Power failure
  • Equipment Failure
  • Cyber crime
  • Other criminal activity


It is vital that all companies introduce a plan for such events, doing so can significantly reduce the impact on your profits and reputation.


Expertise in Critical IT Continuity

Newfox’s knowledge and experience in this area is an key part of our portfolio. Using risk assessments and our extensive knowledge in all aspects of disaster recovery in varied environments, we can ensure peace of mind in assisting you to set up your contingency plan and ensure that your company is operational whatever the scenario.
Newfox offer a wide range of services to aid disaster recovery from both preventative and reactive perspectives.


  • Data duplication
  • Warm Server standby
  • Critical hardware replacement / loan service.
  • Expert hardware management
  • Emergency relocation with the Newfox Recovery Suite

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